29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding (29/04/11)

Was up at 5am and in Central London around 6am to stake out a spot along the procession route. We managed to snag quite a good spot - the only people in front of me were a family who'd been camping there. I got basically the same views as them and only had to get up early - no tents and sleeping bags for me! I got an official programme of the ceremony - very nicely done, outlines the entire ceremony, the route, etc. and contains two beautiful Mario Testino portraits of the couple. (Note: this post contains less than 8% of the photos I took.)

Just one of the 5000 police officers on
duty for the wedding.

Around 6am. Sun's up already. Tents are still up.

The view from my spot. The procession will go through the archway.
The London Eye (ferris wheel thing) is visible in the background.

Some people got all decked out.


Little girl all dressed up, eating a cookie for breakfast.

A bit hard to see, but that's William (further) and Harry (closer)
on their way to Westminster Abbey.

THAT is Her Majesty the Queen.

The Queen (in yellow).

And THAT is Kate Middleton with her father.


Guards spreading themselves out along the procession route
in a very ceremonious way. 

The guards all spread out. Meanwhile, the ceremony was being
broadcast over loudspeakers, so I heard them recite their vows
and be pronounced husband and wife. 

The beginning of the procession from Westminster Abbey
to Buckingham Palace.

THAT is the Royal couple. Looking at each other.

Will and Kate.

Not a particularly good photo, but Harry is in the carriage in
the back. 

This carriage contains Pippa, Kate's sister and bridesmaid.

The start of the second part of the procession.

The horses.

The Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Charles and Camilla are in there.

Some of the crowd heading over to Buckingham Palace after
the ceremony, hoping for glimpses of the couple kissing on
the balcony. Line of loos in the background.

Guests (all the women in beautiful hats) being transported.

Despite all the drama and chaos surrounding them, the famous
pelicans of St. James's Park were quite content to sunbathe on
the rocks.

Trying to get to Trafalgar Square to watch the balcony scene
on the screens - no such luck. 

Media cameras. Super high above the crowds (and the trees,
for that matter).

The fly-over.

More of the fly-over. I didn't see it over Buckingham Palace,
but seeing it over Central London was good enough.

London after the wedding - BT Tower in the background.


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