08 May 2011

Liverpool (24-26/04/11)

The Mersey Beaks (the Beatles take on penguin forms)

The statue unveiled by Cynthia and Julian last year.

Along Albert Dock.

Mendips - John's childhood home.
This is the glass vestibule (or the 'echo
chamber' as Paul calls it) where Paul and
John used to sing (it has great acoustics).
Ali and I sang in there.

John's childhood home. His room is above the front door.

I've been there!

Front gate.

Paul's house! 20 Forthlin Road.

Paul's window!

I've been there, too!

A Hard Day's Night Hotel - complete with
Beatles statues.


Self-portrait with Paul. :-)

Mathew Street - where the Cavern was

John statue.

The Cavern Wall of Fame

me and John

me and Johnny

The Cavern Club (where they played)
(except this is actually a recreation, since
the original was knocked down in the 70s)

We enjoyed this musician, who played a variety of Beatles
songs, as well as some Billy Joel, Cat Stevens,  and Coldplay.

I played photographer.

Inside the Cavern.

Lots of photos (of the Beatles and other groups that have
performed here)


You can buy the t-shirt that Paul's wearing
in this photo. (with little Stella and Mary)

the walls are covered in fan signatures -
spot anyone's name?

Liverpool Wall of Fame

The Grapes - pub where the Beatles used to drink before or after
their performances

Other bars are named after the Beatles.

Mathew Street - Birthplace of The Beatles

Eleanor Rigby statue

The Beatles Story - Beatles Museum

John's primary school

John's street

All that remain of Strawberry Fields (an orphanage) are these gates.

Grave with the name Eleanor Rigby.
Coincedence? Perhaps.

John's uncle's grave

Plaque commemorating where John
and Paul met

They met in this church hall.

Beatles statues.

Huge Beatles picture (of them in Liverpool) on Mathew Street 

in the Cavern yet again

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