22 October 2010

Canterbury & Dover (09/10/10)

Margaret and I took a day trip to Canterbury (for the cathedral) and Dover (for the white cliffs).
Brits seem to like the word 'bits.'

Canterbury Cathedral


streets of Dover--Dover Castle sits up on the left


Dover Castle is up on a hill (that we had to climb) over the town.


me at Dover Castle

windows inside the castle

the view from the roof of the castle

If it'd been a clear day we'd have been able to see France. But alas we had grey, English weather.

the roof


Seagull and flag.

me on the roof

He looks like he's dancing to me.


These slits are for shooting through.

Look closely. There's a gecko-y thing in the crack between the bricks.

White Cliffs!

To get to the cliff walk, we have to walk along this road for about 2 miles.

Clearly the best way to see the cliffs is to scramble over some steep English hills to get to the walkway.

me sitting on the white cliffs with a ferry port in the background

me sitting on the cliffs

me and the cliffs

That's a very steep drop off the edge...

a little cave in the white cliffs

me, white cliffs, and black beach

a snail

very English--a man walking through the countryside with his two dogs

Dover Castle

Dover Castle

Dover Castle

a red telephone booth in Dover, unlike the ones in London it wasn't filled with prostitute ads

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