31 October 2010

Norwich (23/10/10)

Margaret and I headed up to Norwich for a relaxing day out of London. We saw the Norwich Cathedral, which had a graduation ceremony going on that day so we weren't actually supposed to be able to see, but we went in the wrong door and got in. We discovered an AWESOME waffle restaurant where we had lunch and dinner--it was that good. We walked around the shopping centers, "just having a look" (ie browsing) in a bunch of stores.
Norwich Cathedral

Graduation Ceremony!

me at Norwich Cathedral

The Waffle House

Margaret got earl grey tea. There were loose tea leaves in the pot, so she got a little strainer  that fit on the top of the cup.

My English Breakfast tea. No Brit drinks tea without milk. It was fantastic.

my Hot Dutch Apple waffle

Norwich Market


Dinner--a Hot Dutch Apple waffle (large, this time) and a coffee milkshake

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