26 November 2010

At Normando's request (26/11/10)

My housing: 109 Camden Road, London NW1 9HZ
Looking into the Ifor Evans Hall Site. The building straight ahead is where reception/my "pigeonhole"/the dining hall are.

The security gate at the entrance. The steps on the right just through the entrance are to the building I live in.

Denys Holland Lodge, where I live. My window is on the top floor, the third over from the right (starting where that thing juts out). That's the tree outside my window.

The Shed Bar outside my dorm that unfortunately lost its liquor license, so it's closed.

Entrance to Denys Holland Lodge.

The staircase.

The third floor (the American fourth floor).

My hallway. It has a lovely, hospital-esque feel.

My room.

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