26 November 2010

Thanksgiving as an ex-pat (25/11/10)

For Thanksgiving, IFSA Butler arranged for us to have a three course meal at a spiffy restaurant on the Strand. The restaurant was decked in 4th of July decorations--I guess they just went with an "America" theme instead of getting "Thanksgiving" decorations.
Red, white, and blue decorations on the table and an American flag hanging above.

It was "Happy Hour" from 5-7, so cocktails were about half price. I got an "Italian Job"--very, very good.

For a starter, I got black bean soup. It was amazing.

The vegetarian main course was a stuffed pepper with couscous (and potatoes, of course!). I apparently forgot to photograph my dessert, but I had peanut butter cheesecake--fantastic! 

Smollensky's -- the restaurant

Trafalgar Square, where we caught the bus back home

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square

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