16 February 2011

Hamburg, Germany (11-13/02/11)

Beatles-Platz - a Beatles Memorial

Beatles Platz - metal outlines of the Beatles

Beatles Platz, right along the Reeperbahn near the clubs where they used to play

metal engravings of the songs in the pavement

Beatlemania Hamburg - 5-story Beatles museum. Epic.

There's a photobooth where you can get a picture of you as your favorite Beatle

There's a wall that you can sign. The red is mine.

Red is mine.

Red is mine.

"If we'd been alive back then, we'd have been your GROUPIES."
Plus agreement from Margaret and me (in red).

Me on the Sgt. Pepper Cover.

in Hamburg

the canal

St. Nikolai Kirche, bombed


a boat named J.R. Tolkien!!

me with "Paul"

me as John

me as Ringo/Pete

me with Stu - the lost Beatle

Listening to Let it Be and Let it Be...Naked on huge headphones in the Beatles Museum.

Beatles Platz at night

the Reeperbahn (i.e. the biggest red light district in Europe -
I'd've thought it was in Amsterdam, but no. It's in Hamburg.)

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