03 March 2011


The Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Altar

Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral)

The hotel where Michael Jackson dangled his baby over the balcony!!

Holocaust Memorial - modeled after the Jewish Cemetery in Prague

walking through the Holocaust Memorial -
the concrete slabs get higher and more imposing
as you walk towards the center

cold, uneven ground - some of the blocks are tilted, too

a chunk of the Berlin Wall

Checkpoint Charlie - one of the checkpoints between East and West Berlin

French Church

German Church - since the French got one, the Germans needed one too
the German one is about a meter taller

a quote from a dude in the 19th century: 'What begins with
burning books, ends with burning people.'

Memorial to Nazi Book Burning
a window in the ground shows a room filled with empty bookcases beneath


I.M. Pei addition to the German History Museum

Berlin Sewer Cover

From the top of the Reichstag (German Parliament Building)

inside the dome on the top of the Reichstag
the only way to get to the top of the Reichstag is by getting
a reservation to the restaurant up there

So, Margaret and I made a reservation to the restaurant.
We went through all the security and got up onto the roof.

Me on the top of the Reichstag
Once up there, we didn't actually go to the restaurant
(breakfast for 17 euro!!) - we just went up the dome :-)


me at the Brandenburg Gate


Margaret and me with the horses (one of whom is eating the
buttons on Margaret's coat)

art museum

East Side Gallery
a section of the wall turned art gallery


the wall gallery

We stayed with Kara (a Williams alum)
and her husband, Reiner, who lived here

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