03 March 2011


train ride from Berlin to Prague

astrological clock in the old town square

it chimes every hour (second most overrated attraction in
Europe, according to our tour guide), notice the trumpeter
at the top

statue in Old Town Square

Church, Old Town Square

last remaining concert house where
Mozart himself performed

Jewish quarter

close-up of the oldest, still-operating synagogue

Czech composer whose music was being
listened to when the Americans landed
on the moon. Americans had the first man
on the moon, but the Czech's had the first
music - which they are very proud of.

Charles Bridge (Praha = Prague)

me on the Charles Bridge w/ Prague Castle in the background 

band on the Charles Bridge


John Lennon Peace Wall

We all shine on (with my initials below, which I didn't even write)

Love Love Love
one of my contributions, from the song Paul wrote
for John after his death

I love you, John
xxx xxx
Carly, 2011
Why don't we do it in the road?

It's only me. -John

Take these broken wings and learn to fly...
Margaret 2011

me and the wall

apparently Prague is trying to copy Cologne with the whole
padlock thing...

Piss Sculpture (the pool they're pissing into is shaped like
the Czech Republic)

Prague Sewer Cover

Charles Bridge

State Theatre, where we saw Cinderella (the ballet)

Cathedral at Prague Castle

The Czechs were big fans of defenestration (i.e. throwing people
out windows). The defenestration that took place at this
window sparked the Thirty Years War.

inside the castle

looking over Prague

a grey day, but the red roofs of Prague show through

Jewish Museum that has a room full of
drawings by Jewish children in the
concentration camps. Many drew the journey
home to Prague, which barely any of them
would make.

tombstones in the Jewish Cemetery that inspired the
Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

Jewish Cemetery

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