23 August 2011

Salzburg (17-21/08/11)

Looking over Salzburg

The Alps.

This fountain is in The Sound of Music.

Haus für Mozart - there were lots of concert-y things going on here.
Lots of people all dressed up. Tickets were really expensive though. :-(




Untersberg. There's a cable car that goes all the way up to the top of that mountain.

The top. I hiked over to the little cross at the top.

The Alps.

Salzburg Airport down there. It was cool seeing planes flying in and out and being higher than them.

Some steps built in along the path.

One of the many ravens wanting food.

Enjoying the view.

The cable going down.

The other cable car coming up while we were going down.

Mozarts Geburtshaus - Mozart was born here.

Mozarts Wohnhaus. Mozart lived here for a while.

Doppler (as in, the guy who discovered the Doppler Effect)
was born here.

Stiegl Brewery. You get to sample three kinds of beer. And you get
a free gift - either a bottle of beer or a beer glass. I chose the glass.

The flamingoes at the Salzburg Zoo.

Monkeys and mountains.

Cuddly little kitty.



From the Festung - the giant white castle-y
thing high above Salzburg.

The coat of arms has a turnip on it. Naturally, I thought of Balderick.

Inside the Dom (cathedral).

Getreidegasse - busy shopping street.

This fountain is also in The Sound of Music.

Their love is REAL. Don't doubt it.

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