17 June 2011

Aberdeen (02-03/06/11)

Our trip to the Shetland Islands began with an overnight train ride from London to Aberdeen, connecting in Edinburgh in the morning. The seats on the train had sturdier headrests than usual, but they didn't recline at all, making for a very unpleasant night. We spent the day in Aberdeen (in northeast Scotland), hiking around, enjoying the beach, and getting sunburnt, before getting the ferry to Shetland.
A fire somewhere outside Edinburgh. It was fun to go
through Edinburgh again - see the sights we'd seen back
in November, see people at the top of the Walter Scott
Monument and go "We went up there!", and to see the
train station we were already familiar with.

Wading in the North Sea.


Me. In the process of getting a sunburn. :-(

Hiking along the river.

From the top of a hill near the coast, looking over Aberdeen.

Seagull on a statue.

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