21 June 2011

Graz (20/06/11)

Graz, the second largest city in Austria, is about a 45 minute drive from Fürstenfeld. Cornelia had to go into uni for the day, so I tagged along and explored the city.
Rathaus - town hall

Rathaus on the Hauptplatz

On the Hauptplatz.

The mountain in Graz offers very nice views over the city.

The Glockenturm at the top of the mountain.

The river Mur that runs through the city.

A Gothic gate that's still partially standing.

123 meters over the Hauptplatz.
175 meters over the Adriatic Sea.


Mountain side terrace.


The Uhrturm. One of Graz's major landmarks.

The Kunsthaus (Modern Art Museum) is a weird bubble house.


Graz is full of little archways...

...that lead to incredible courtyards.


Random little courtyard.
It's paved with stones from the Mur.

Self-portrait in a bakery.


Oper (Opera House) with a wire sculpture.

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