25 June 2011

Graz (22/06/11)

Wednesday, Cornelia had to go into uni for a little while in the afternoon. I took the bus from Fürstenfeld into Graz in the morning, and then met up with her in the afternoon for a free lift home. This trip, I went to the Kunsthaus (very modern art) and the Volkskundesmuseum (a museum about the culture and history of Styria). Unfortunately museums aren't free the way they are in London, but they're pretty cheap for students (2-3 euros). 
Apparently Graz has the whole padlock-on-the-bridge/key-in-
the-river thing going on, too.

The Kunsthaus.

The Mur and the Uhrturm (upper right).

Karmeliter Platz.

These two windows were supposed to open
and have two figures in traditional Austrian
garb come out and move or something, but
it didn't go when it was supposed to. :-(

Pretty building.

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