20 July 2011

Croatia (06-16/07/11)

We drove down to Istria (northwest region of Croatia) to go camping for a week and a half. We stayed in a camping ground in Novigrad. Our spot was right on the waterfront; the view was great. 
A door/window in Novigrad.

A tower in Novigrad.
Kilian, 8.

Rafael, 5.

Sunset from the tower in Novigrad.


Me on the coast of Croatia.

Almost a full moon.

City walls.

There are fireworks Thursday evenings at 11.

One of the last days in Croatia was a bit stormy. The waves
were intense - not many people went in the water.

Waves crashing against the rocks.

White water.

We went to visit the nearby city of Rovinj.



Me in Novigrad.

Our camping spot. Behind the two tents on the left is a mobile
home. Behind the trees is the green tent where I slept. And the
grandparents stayed in the trailer while they were there (for the
first five days).

The beach is rocky, not sandy.

Seagulls. Or Möwen.

A tree with an interesting trunk.

There were a bunch of bike paths. I rode on one that runs
along the coast.

My tent.

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