29 July 2011

Vienna (23-25/07/11)

I spent a weekend in Vienna, with countless tips and suggestions from Cornelia and Volker. Unfortunately the weather was not particularly good, but the trip was good nonetheless.
Stephansdom in Stephansplatz. The center of Vienna.
Mozart's wedding and funeral were here.

Inside the cathedral.


More candles.

Along the Graben - a major street in Vienna.

Ancient Roman foundations.
When I was there a tour group was going by.
The guide explained that these were left by
the Romans, and one woman said, "What
did the Romans ever do for us?" The guide
was clueless and asked her if she was from
Rome. The woman had to explain, "No.
There's a film. By Monty Python..."

The Rathaus (city hall) as seen from the Volksgarten.

Hofburg. The former imperial residence.

In the Volksgarten, I believe.

Parlament (parliament)

It rained quite heavily, so this was taken
from the overhang in front of the parliament

A very wet statue of Karl Renner,
an Austrian politician.

The Rathaus.

Also the Rathaus.

A pretty church near the Rathaus.

Look what I found! Hansen Street!


In Museums Quartier. There are all these big colorful things
that you can lie on and drink coffee on and such. Unfortunately
it had just rained, so I didn't get to hang out much there.

I went in the Leopold Museum, which has a very large Schiele collection.

I particularly like the middle one.

There was an awesome photography exhibit.


The courtyard in the Museums Quartier.

Between 9-9.30am, almost nobody is out.
I wandered around Stephansplatz (very, very
touristy area) and there were only a handful
of people there. Around 9.30-10.00 it becomes
much more alive - tourist groups and people
selling things targeted at tourists.

Mozart lived here for twelve years. I
believe his apartment was on the first floor
(American second floor).

The cathedral has a very pretty roof.


The Albertina. I also went here. They have Dürer's Young Hare.

Fountain next to the Opera House.

Oper. The Opera House.

The Natural History Museum, as seen from the Art History Museum.

The Art History Museum, as seen from the Natural History Museum.

Me, near a Mozart memorial, taken by a random couple who'd
asked me to take their photo.

Pretty flowers.

Schloß Schönbrunn. It was really expensive to go inside, but
I enjoyed wandering around the extensive gardens.

The Gloriette - in the garden of Schloß Schönbrunn.

The Gloriette is way up on a hill, so there are really nice views.

Statue on a bridge.

One of my favourite things was the
Hundertwasser Haus - the Kunsthaus Wien.
The idea is that nothing is quite the same.
And there are plants on the roof, and trees
growing out the windows.

There were four floors with paintings,
photos, stamps, etc. by Hundertwasser.

The exterior.

The Riesenrad - Vienna's famous ferris wheel.

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