20 July 2011

Venice (14/07/11)

During our stay in Croatia, I took a day trip across to Venice. The ferry ride was particularly unpleasant, but once on land again, I was fine. I spent most of the day wandering around on my own.
Lots of gondolas. Lots of canals.

Venetian masks.

Rialto Bridge.

A bit of flooding from the canal.

Water traffic in the Grand Canal.

St. Mark's Square.

Doge's Palace.

View over St. Mark's Square from the Bell Tower.

One of the many islands.

Along the water in St. Mark's Square.

The older coffeehouse. Unfortunately it's incredibly expensive.
(A good 10 euros or so for a coffee.)

One of the 120 churches in Venice.

All the traffic is on water. There are no cars
in Venice. Except the one in the Ferrari store.

Apparently people everywhere are putting padlocks on bridges.
Nowhere as intense as in Cologne, though.

The Academy Bridge.

Our ship - Dora.

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