29 September 2010

My Room, Denys Holland Lodge 3.03

my sink, with separate taps for hot and cold water 
sink area

bookcase, drawers, wardrobe, and door

desk, shelves, bookcase, and noticeboard

bed, window, desk, and shelves

comfy chair!


my collage

desk and built-in shelves

window and bed (I can stand on the windowsill without hitting my head.)

window seat!!

British "lemonade" isn't lemonade. It's a "carbonated low calorie lemon flavoured soft drink..."

my key ring: (anti-clockwise from top) Williams whistle, fob to open security gate, key to kitchen, key to my room, key to the building, and key to the "H" mailbox.

cards: Ifor Evans Hall meal card, UCL ID card, international student ID card, oyster card (for the tube)

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