28 September 2010

Portobello Road (25/09/10)

Saturday, I headed over to the famous Portobello Road Market. It was very busy, but very, very cool. I walked from one end all the way to the other end and back. I found a Kenya bag for 10 pounds! (Incidentally, I get to check off another Beatles site because John and Cynthia shopped here on 21 May 1966.)

I found a Scottish store that sells kilts!! They're 42 pounds though, so I'm shopping around for cheaper ones.

There were loads of performers performing along the market, such as this man playing guitar and kazoo. 
Or this man playing in a band with two other men.
A guitarist playing with the man above.

a drummer and a man walking around with his dog resting happily on his shoulders
You can buy anything at Portobello Road, including food (fruits, veggies, and baked goods as well as cooked foods)
Scottish cashmere
I saw this and thought of Dad.
Twiggy (artwork)
a knitting store on Portobello Road
Daniel Waples playing a very cool Swiss instrument called a "hang"

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